Leading the way with Quality

Provide a Quality and Efficient Manufacturing/Blending Facility; Which is Managed with Quality and Efficiency as its Top Priorities, and to Achieve and Maintain ISO 9001 Certified Operating Standards.

Quality in Formulating

Our Goal is to provide our Customers with Quality and Cost Effective Solutions to many of the Complications experienced by the South African Industrial Chemical Formulator/Manufacturer. Rather than to simply “copy” what might have been done in the past, all of our products have been developed from a “clean sheet”. Although this obviously requires a great degree of research and development, it has allowed us the opportunity to implement the latest technology available. Throughout the development process, all of our products were benchmarked against their imported equivalents and we feel confident that in all instances we have either met or exceeded these standards. In order to achieve these standards, we have also designed and developed novel, new processes by which to manufacture our products.

Quality in Value

  • High Product Standards
    Investing in R&D to provide the best solutions available.
  • One Who Serves
    Continuing the service chain from clients through to society.
  • High Service Standards
    Always seeking to add value to our client’s needs & interests.
  • Unique Solutions
    Catering for the niche and isolated challenges clients face.
  • Reducing Complexity
    Reducing the liability of stock, facilities and formulations.
  • SABS – ISO 9001
    Being held accountable by a third party in achieving outcomes.
  • No Risk Policy
    Aligning our activities as to eliminate client related risks.


Quality in Technology

Our strengths lie in our leading-edge technologies and products and above all in our highly trained and strongly motivated employees, whose health and well-being are vital factors for both their commitment and performance. They are aware of the concerns and needs of the communities and environments in which our company operates. They are results-oriented and responsible. Their decisive role in ensuring that we reach our objectives is the basis for the company's ongoing success.