EcwaSil SE60 is a medium viscosity (350cSt) Polydimethylsiloxane (Silicone Fluid) emulsion. It is safe to handle and does not contain any Phenol Ethoxylates nor Formaldehyde. As such, EcwaSil SE60 is also environmentally acceptable. 

EcwaSil SE60 is:

  • Ideal in offset web printing, where low suface tension provides for beter penetration of the paper.
  • Suitable for use in automobile, furniture and shoe polish formulations. The intermediate viscosity of this product provides good gloss with minimum smear to polish formulations.
  • Compatible with most other silicone emulsions, should blending be required.
  • Can be used where water based release agents and lubricants are suitable.

Supporting Downloads

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 EcwaSil SE60 Technical Data Sheet
 EcwaSil SE60 Material Safety Data Sheet