E-Res ASR630


30% Alkali Soluble Resin (ASR) 
Modified Maleic Resin Ester 

E-Res ASR630 is used as a wetting, flow and levelling agent in dry bright wax emulsions, polishes and Polymer Floor Sealers. E-Res ASR360 is formulated in line with European specification, it is formed from a modified Colophony (wood) resin ester, as such you will notice that the product is of a pronounced colour, it offers superior performance to a synthetic resin particularly in terms of dry film clarity, hardness and adhesion. The addition of E-Res ASR630 to Polymer Floor Sealers improves the water resistance and facilitates easier removal of the film when required. It is ready to use in all types of water-based floor polishes, of either the non-buffable or buff able types. 

R-Res ASR360 is:

  • Excellent for use in polymer floor sealers.
  • Compatible with most other wax emulsions, and silicone emulsions.
  • Can also be used in water based inks.

Supporting Downloads

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 E-Res ASR630 Technical Data Sheet
 E-Res ASR630 Material Safety Data Sheet