E-Res ACRYL638


E-Res ACRYL 638 is an All-Acrylic, Alkali-Soluble Polymer Emulsion (Resin), used as a High Gloss, Wetting, Flow and Levelling Agent in Dry Bright Wax Emulsions, Polishes and Polymer Floor Sealers. E-Res ACRYL 638 is formulated in line with European specification and it is formed with Ease of Use in mind, and with Low Film Clarity, Hardness and Adhesion. The addition of E-Res ACRYL 638 to Polymer Floor Sealer Improves the Water Resistance and facilitates Easier Removal of the film when required. E-Res ACRYL 638 is supplied as a High Solids, Low Viscosity, Ready to Use Emulsion for all types of Water-based Floor Polishes, of either the Non-Buffable or Buffable types. 

E-Res ACRYL 638:

  • may be formulated into most Floor Polishes directly (using the Alkalinity of the Floor Polish Polymer to "Neutralise/Solubilise" the Resin Dispersion).
  • Ammonium Hydroxide (28%) or Dimethylethanolamine are effective "Neutralising/Solubilising" bases. On Solubilisation it is clear and virtually colourless.
  • is comparable with most other Wax Emulsions, and Silicone Emulsions.
  • Can also be used in water based inks.
  • Does not contain Formaldehyde and is AEPO-free.

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 E-Res ACRYL638 Technical Data Sheet
 E-Res ACRYL638 Material Safety Data Sheet