An Orange Oil & d-Limonene Emulsifier System
Facilitates easy formulation of clear liquid micro-emulsions

E-Musl O is a very revolutionary surfactant system designed to facilitate the simple formulation of water based d-Limonene or Orange Oil fluid micro-emulsions (Oil in Water) of exceptional clarity and stability. Due to the sensitive nature surrounding the formation of clear and stable micro-emulsions E-Muls O is intended to be used as the single and only surfactant in the finished product. Solvent based micro-emulsions are amongst the most powerful and effective cleaning and de-greasing systems and as such there is no need nor point in attempting to add any further components to your finished product - attempting to do so will usually result in a de-stabilisation and consequential loss of performance of the finished emulsion. 

Note: Although naturally derived, Orange Oil & d-Limonene are common Allergens, many people are sensitive to contact and will mostly present with a reddening of the skin along with an associated burning sensation. Effects are usually not severe or harmful. 

E-Muls O is:

  • Safe & simple to use.
  • All in One Detergent and Emulsifier system.
  • Safe and environmentally acceptable.
  • Produces powerful de-greaser systems at near natural pH.

Supporting Downloads

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 EMuls O Technical Data Sheet
 EMuls O Material Safety Data Sheet