PINEcon B2-CLR is a Pine Oil Based Cleaner / Disinfectant / Gel Concentrate. This liquid concentrate consists of Anionic & Non-Ionic Surfactants, Pine Oil and Preservative. The first step is to add the required amount of water to the mixing vessel. The Ecwamix PINEcon B2-CLR is then added and dissolves in 10 minutes with moderate agitation. Once fully dissolved, it only requires a measured quantity of Colour (OPTIONAL), to produce a viscous Pine Oil Based Liquid Cleaner / Disinfectant of impressive quality, appearance & value for money. If one prefers, you can manufacture either:

  1. Pine Oil based Liquid Cleaners/Disinfectants or
  2. Ecwamix PINEcon B2 - CLR can also be used to manufacture a simple PINE GEL type Disinfectant / Cleaner. (See Technical Data Sheet)

Supporting Downloads

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 PINEconc B2 CLR Technical Data Sheet
 PINEconc B2 CLR Material Safety Data Sheet