Addressing Today’s Challenges in the MINING and RELATED INDUSTRIES

As the global business climate continues to evolve, we are experiencing an environment ripe with challenges yet equally rich with opportunities. The Mining Industry is No Exception.

  1. Water Scarcity and
  2. Wastewater Quality remain critical issues, meanwhile,
  3. Environmental Policies have never been more stringent–or as influential. Industry standards heighten while discharge regulations tighten, demanding mining operations’ action and compliance. The industry’s economic landscape continues to shift as well. Billions of dollars of global investment in mining infrastructure is helping to support—and spur—demand in developing countries.
  4. Process Improvements and Asset Protection are fundamental to compete successfully in a growing international mining marketplace where developed countries must compete with lower costs in other parts of the world.

We Understand the Challenges and Recognize the Opportunities of today’s global mining industry. As a Strategic Business Partner, Ecwamix Chemical Systems can provide a Complete Set of Chemical Solutions to;

1. Help Manage and Improve Water Resources

From Reduced Water Usage to Increased Productivity, we deliver the results to drive your performance—Financially and Environmentally.

Product Categories include:  

  1. Flocculants/Coagulants – Aluminium Oxide/Chloride/Sulphate/Polymeric (PolyAMINE/PolyDADMAC) - based
  2. Neutralizers/Activators – Lime based etc.
  3. Water Treatment Disinfectants/Biocides – Chlorine based and Otherwise
  4. Chelating Agents – Free-Metal scavengers etc.
  5. De-Foaming/De-Aeration Compounds
  6. Waste/Other Bacterial/Enzyme based Digestors

2. Dust & Soil Control Programs and Particle Binders

This includes Underground(Footwall and Sidewall Treatment), Service and Haul Road Treatments, Stock Piles, Tailings Dams, Conveyer Systems, Crushers, Coal/Mineral Ore Wagons, etc, help Reduce Water Usage and Operating Costs. High levels of dust in general but in particular Coal and Mineral Ore dust, in the atmosphere can contribute to environmental concerns and health and safety issues for workers on the sites as well as people living in surrounding areas. A simple way to Reduce Dust Emissions, Reduce Equipment and Labour Costs and Water Consumption is to use a Dust Suppression/Binder treatment. A range of chemical treatment solutions control Dust Emissions while achieving Water Reductions of up to 90 percent.

Product Categories include:

  1. Dust Wetters – Bio Degradable and Non-toxic
  2. Dust Binders – Acrylic Polymer/Synthetic Polymer and/or LignoSulphonate based (NOT Magnesium Sulphate based)
  3. Fines/Particle/Soil Binders - Acrylic Polymer/Synthetic Polymer and/or LignoSulphonate based (Magnesium Chloride based is too Hygroscopic-waste water)

3. Other Chemical solutions

These include Boiler, Cooling and Industrial Process/General Chemicals and monitoring, improve plant productivity and water systems while safeguarding assets and ensuring environmental protection.

Product Categories include:

  1. Cooling Water Treatment/Biocides (to remove deposits such as Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Silica Iron)
  2. Corrosion Inhibitors – to prevent/stop corrosion of Transfer Pipe Lines, Equipment, etc.
  3. Environmentally/Biodegradable Degreasers/Detergents – Non Solvent based Degreasers/Cleaners
  4. Bio-Remediation/Soil Reclamation Products – Orange Oil/d-Limonene based
  5. Drilling Foams and Ancillary Products - Drilling High Foam Solutions/Polymers, etc.
  6. Workshop & Change Room Related Products – Hand cleaners/Degreasers/Disinfectants/Paint Strippers/Rust Removers/ Non Solvent-based Drag Line Degreasers, etc. g) Proprietory/Specialised/Niche Product Development – Products Researched and Developed to Customer’s Specific/Specialised Needs, i.e. Cyanide Digestors, Septic Tank Digestors (Bacterial/Enzyme based products), etc.

4. General Housekeeping/Personal Care Products:

These products can be Easily Manufactured from our Ecwa- Concentrated Range, via a Buy-Back Arrangement from a Social Upliftment/Empowerment and Sustainability Program Initiative of the Mine Owners/Management and Surrounding Community.

Ecwamix Chemical Systems believe we can assist Mining Customers to:

  • Meet Environmental Compliance by Advising/Recommending the Correct Product Selection/Solution
  • Provide Safe, Healthy Workplaces
  • Optimize Production • Maximize Yield
  • Ensure Asset Protection
  • Drive down Product Costs
  • Solve the Social Economic Problems in Surrounding Communities, resulting from High Levels of Unemployment, Insufficient Skills Transfer and Non-Sustainable Programs.