“Your Specialist Partner in Sustainable Chemical Solutions”, situated just to the West of Johannesburg in Lea Glen, Roodepoort, Ecwamix  Chemical Systems operates a Highly Efficient Specialised Chemicals Manufacturing and Contract Blending/Repacking Plant. Although our company was only formed in the early part of 2006, we had previously functioned solely as a Chemical Consultancy, offering Formulation and Manufacturing Solutions to Various Aspects of the Chemicals Industry. During this prior period of over six years, we established that a market existed for the Local Manufacture and/or Conversion of Various Specialised Chemicals plus the need for Quality Contract Blending/Repacking Services.

Our Marketing Strategy existed as one which Identified Imported Chemical Systems, which we felt could be Manufactured/Blended Locally and where the Individual Constituents were available in South Africa or Sourced Globally, at Competitive Prices; hence allowing us to pass a Significant Saving on to our Customers.

Today we pride ourselves in being one of only a handful of companies in South Africa with the Technical and Manufacturing/Blending Capabilities to Advise, Produce and Provide;

1) Various Speciality Chemical Raw Materials/Blends,
2) Various Speciality Chemical Intermediates/Blends,
3) Various Tailored Specialised Finished Products/Blends for Specific Industries'
4) Quality and Efficient Contact Blending/Repacking Facility

Our Ultimate Goal is to provide our Customers with Quality and Cost Effective Solutions to many of the complications experienced by the South African Industrial Chemical Formulator/Manufacturer. Rather than to simply “copy” what might have been done in the past, all of our products have been developed from a “clean sheet”. Although this obviously requires a great degree of research and development, it has allowed us the opportunity to implement the latest technology available. Throughout the development process, all of our products were benchmarked against their imported equivalents and we feel confident that in all instances we have either met or exceeded these standards. In order to achieve these standards, we have also designed and developed novel, new processes by which to manufacture our products.



Ecwamix  is an independent, globally active company that manufactures and sells chemical products and engages in intensive scientific research. A leader in its core businesses – Specialty Chemicals/Blends, Silicones/Derivatives, Emulsions, Dispersions, Concentrated Surfactant Blends and Environmentally Compatible Replacement Chemicals/Blends – Ecwamix  forges ahead with innovative Chemistry and New Technologies, Supplying Solutions that are Market-Oriented, Energy-Saving and Environmentally Compatible.



Our strengths lie in our leading-edge technologies and products and above all in our highly trained and strongly motivated employees, whose health and well-being are vital factors for both their commitment and performance. They are aware of the concerns and needs of the communities and environments in which our company operates. They are results-oriented and responsible. Their decisive role in ensuring that we reach our objectives is the basis for the company's ongoing success.

We use our Integrated Management System for quality, health, safety and environmental protection as a means of achieving continuous improvements in our performance and all our activities.

Product and service quality has absolute priority. Our strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction is essential to our success. Health, safety and environmental protection must be guaranteed at all times. We are fully committed to sustainable development, a principle that is an integral part of our business thinking and practices. We attach equal weight to economic, environmental and social concerns.

We actively monitor the worldwide Responsible Care® program, striving for continuous performance improvements in quality, health, safety and environmental protection. We adhere strictly to legal standards and regulations and to our own supplementary policy rules.

Ecwamix  Corporate Culture is an important factor in the company’s success. Central to this culture are our values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency, they provide us with guidance for our daily work as we seek solutions to the major challenges of our time, in line with our mission statement.